Where Is Victor?

Where Is Victor?

Lenna Rosenberg in collaboration Redbridge Drama Centre present:

Where is Victor?

A Play and follow up workshop

January 2022 is Holocaust Memorial Week. As part of the remembrance and reflection ceremonies taking place between 17th -28th Redbridge Drama Centre is proud to present a play and follow up drama, poetry and art workshops

Lenna Rosenberg, former head teacher of Clore Tikva School, has written and directed a short play depicting the journey of a Jewish child survivor who endures the Warsaw ghetto.

The play was inspired by a visit to the Ghetto Fighters Museum in Northern Israel where Lenna led a parent-pupil delegation from Clore Tikva. Lenna has been to the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Memorial Centre in Jerusalem, and also on a life changing visit to Auschwitz, in 2002.

This complex subject motivates pupils to deal with their emotional development and further their understanding of this tragic period through poetry, art and drama workshops.

Lenna hopes that the play will be seen by year 6 and upwards in Redbridge and surrounding boroughs giving a vital message of how we treat each other both in the playground and our daily lives, as well as gaining some understanding of a child’s life in that critical time.

For ages 10 years+


Redbridge Drama Centre


South Woodford

E18 2RB



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Wed 26 Jan