The Solos: Paris Crossley x Tanaya ‘ICE’ Martin x Dani Harris

The Solos: Paris Crossley x Tanaya ‘ICE’ Martin x Dani Harris

Artists 4 Artists Festival 2021  

The Solos: Paris Crossley x Tanaya ‘ICE’ Martin x Dani Harris Walters

A night of solo performances from three of the UK’s most promising Hip Hop voices interwoven with films developed during the pandemic

The Solos:

  • Dani Harris Walters

Hip-hop dance vocabulary, rap and narration are wondrously crafted in solo work Happy Father’s Day; a reflective coming-of-age story with a comedic edge.

  • Paris Crossley

Unfamiliar contexts cultivate adaptation. The mind rewires itself by creating new neural pathways of understanding, in turn the transference of internal spirit to external limb extension also rewires, creating a physical display of inner complexities.

  • Tanaya ‘ICE’ Martin

Based on the theory of experimentation and cosmetic modifications whilst going through the weight of what society puts on your shoulders.


The Films:

Body Politic

House fires begin privately, and more often than not, it’s the smoke that kills. ‘It’s not the fire’ stands as a gentle reminder of the power and influence trauma can have on our lives, and the strength needed to heal.

Daniel Bailey

Who could the Black community become when separated from the structure of racism?

Celene Fortenbacher

Celine Fortenbacher draws inspiration from the legend of the Huldra, a seductive forest creature found in Scandinavian folklore. Deriving its name from a root meaning “covered”, or “hidden”, the Huldra are associated with the ‘hidden folk’ of the legends of Scandinavia.

Sebastian Morales Castillo.

Changing the terms of confinement through Breaking. Reflection about our local scene and how we avoid the disappearance of our own styles, concepts and identities.


Artists 4 Artists is an artist-led initiative championing Hip Hop dance theatre in the UK. In celebration of the resilience and new directions emerging from the Hip Hop dance sector, Artists 4 Artists presents a night of work centred around 3 individuals’ stories of discovery.

Artists 4 Artists: The Solos is a part of the A4A Festival ’21 programme in partnership with The Place and Kenneth Moore Theatre.


Kenneth More Theatre

Oakfield Road



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Sat 23 Oct