Arabs Vs Asians

Arabs Vs Asians

Plan Your Entertainment presents

Arabs vs Asians Standup Comedy Show - Breaking Barriers With Laughter

Age: 15 and over

Language: English

Featuring award winning and hillarious comedians in both teams.

Team Asians

Sukh Ojla - A comedy genius,  she regularly performs stand up around London and the UK.

Mani Liaqat: Award winning British Pakistani Comedian from Manchester.

Team Arabs

Mo Saffaf: British Syrian Comedian from London, his material aims to shine a dark yet charmingly satirical light on political and cultural arena.

Omar Hamdi: He is a high-energy, affable and delightful Welsh-Egyptian young comic who makes the personal political and the political personal


Salman Malik- a natural performer and winner of Best Comedian @ Leicester Asian Glitz Awards

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Fri 13 Mar