Working With Schools

Redbridge Drama Centre has been educating the children of Redbridge and the surrounding boroughs for many years now. We make learning fun!

The popularity of our school visits is due to the care and delivery of our units, and the diverse range of the subjects taught.

Our history classes cover Stone-Age man through to the Babylonians and ancient Egyptians, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Tudors and Victorians, two World Wars and much more.

Science: Tectonic plates, Earthquake and Tsunami. Germination and Life Cycles.

Forces: Explore the forces that govern our lives Gravity friction inertia.

Our literacy workshops compliment the curriculum of all ages. From Croc and Bird and Philias’ Fortune to Michael Morpurgo and Shakespeare, we have it covered with our bespoke classes.

And speaking of Shakespeare, our Shakespeare Experience provides a master class in the language, plays and lives of the Tudors and Jacobeans.

We also hold Media Days in our TEM studio. The workshops involve filming and editing using green screen and special effects.  Students have the opportunity of working in a state of the art editing and post production studio, and can make a live programme in a day.

All our workshops can be tailored to your needs and they are fully inclusive and accessible to all, in your school or in one of our specialist spaces here at the drama centre.

All the workshops are designed to encourage and nurture thinking, confidence and unleashing the creative and enquiring mind.

Prices start at £250 for a full day, £135 for half a day.

What others have said:

“Excellent – perfectly pitched for the age, lots of visual cues – the children were fully engaged.” Nursery teacher

“Children loved it from the beginning, engaging and eager.” Year 5 teacher

“Great management of children’s behaviour. Highlight of their week!” Year 3 teacher

“Taught them life skills, made learning fun and energised Macbeth” Year 4 teacher

“David’s energy and charisma is contagious, an asset to the Drama Centre.” Year 6 teacher

"I’ve honestly never seen our children laugh SO much! Especially good to see the quieter kids getting fully involved and loving every minute of their learning. Thank you for such a fun, engaging and exciting storytelling workshop this morning" - Primary Teacher

Praise for our involvement in The Shakespeare's Schools Festival -

"I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations for your fantastic production of As You like It as part of the 2018 Shakespeare Schools Festival.  This was such a sophisticated production, from a very mature company. The whole show was professional and confident. The wrestling match and the straw boater hats were particular highlights - both elements fit perfectly in the show. I also enjoyed the background picnic work very much, and the final dance was gorgeous! The comprehension of the difficult language was fantastic – the company really understood what they were saying, which made it so clear for the audience. The story was clear and engaging for the audience especially as each member of the cast had strong characteristics and mastered the language with precision".