Meet Me A Tree

Meet Me A Tree

Hurly Burly presents


Let me meet you a tree.

What can you see?

Beneath the blue sky

as the summer floats by.

TREE is an interactive first opera for 0-2 year olds and their carers with music by Schumann, Delibes and Monteverdi as well as familiar nursery rhymes and specially written songs. Hurly Burly invites you and your baby on a multisensory journey through a year in the life of a tree:

singing with blackbirds,

marching through fallen leaves,

smelling new blossom and feeling the wind on your cheeks.

With beautiful singing and relaxing music at it’s core TREE will be an opportunity to unwind and have fun for new parents, carers and babies.

Hurly Burly offer new audiences positive and exciting first experiences

of opera with the aim of inspiring a lifelong relationship with classical

music. The company was formed by classically trained singers Sarah

Forbes and Catherine Carter following a commission from Celebrate

Voice Festival in 2016 to create a piece of theatre for babies. Hurly

Burly creates interactive theatre for young audiences with existing

classical opera and song at the core of the work as well as incorporating

physical theatre, improvisation, movement and spoken word.

All tickets £4

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Thu 19 Sep
10:00am 11:30am 1:30pm