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Mad Science

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16th August

Sensational Solids, Laboratory Liquids and Glorious Gases

In this fun-filled, action-packed show all about the 3 states of matter, the children will become experts on solids, liquids and gases. Mastering the art of the tablecloth pull and the Mad Science Egg Toss Challenge, the children will investigate the nature of solids and how they react to the forces around them. So, you think you know how a liquid moves? Now is the time to show your skills in our liquid egg timer race! And, finally, whilst taking part in challenges using our giant Mad Science air bag and air bazzukas, your Mini Mad Scientist will be introduced to the world and behaviour of gases and the fascinating Bernouilli principle...

30th August

Reactions in Action

Get ready for some exciting chemistry fun as you become Mad Science chemists. Spot the signs between our radical reactions as we mix up some eye-boggling eruptions and watch chemical reactions happen before your very eyes… We will get to grips with some quick-acting acid base reactions, ooey gooey precipitates and then create a radiant reactive rainbow. All finished off with some help from our mini mad scientists as we use the wonders of chemistry in our balloon blow-up race – who will be the quickest?!

For ages 4 years+

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult


Adults £5

Children £3

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Fri 30 Aug