Signor Baffo

Signor Baffo

Oh! Productions presents

Signor Baffo's Restaurant

Ages 3+

Supported by Arts Council England

"A MUST-SEE SHOW" - Childfriendly Brighton

An interactive children's show, Signor Baffo opens his restaurant to children aged 3+.

There's chaos in the kitchen when Signor Baffo is left in charge. Expect plates full of fun, with generous helpings of silliness, mischief and adventure. What's the best way to mix meatballs with spaghetti? How do you make a chicken lay an egg, and how does a sausage roll? All is revealed in the charming culinary chaos of Signor Baffo's kitchen.

"I don't know who laughed more, the children (8 and 6) or me (46)" - Parent

"Harrison is a perfect host, able to whip the audience into hysterics" - childrenstheatrereviews

"Fantastic and hilarious, blew my head off!" - Kai, age 7

"Weird and funny at the same time" - Jame, age 5

"Best kids fun we've ever seen... and we've seen a lot of FUN!" - Helen, parent

"A great show for all ages. Our son enjoyed it so much we are going back again tomorrow!" - Child Friendly Brighton

"A clever script, a simple plot and superb clowning and slapstick to ensure a young audience is enthralled for nearly an hour -  and gives way to some classic routines and physical comedy." - Remote Goat

Cast and Creative Team

Written and performed by Oliver Harrison

Directed and devised by Emma Edwards and Abigail Dooley

Designed by Oliver, Emma and Abigail

Set painted/decorated by Paul Harrison

Lighting and sound designed by Paul Golynia

Produced by OH Productions

With thanks to Katie Cooper, Greenwich Theatre, Wildheart & Lyric and Wordboys Productions.


Signor Baffo is supported by the Arts Council England, Grants for the Arts.

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Mon 3 Jun
1:30pm 5:00pm