Conform To Rebel

Conform To Rebel

Duwane Taylor presents

Conform to Rebel

Friday 26th October 7.30pm

Rebellion is rejection; conformity is acceptance – what choice will be made?

Duwane Taylor, Artistic Director of ground-breaking Krump Crew Buckness Personified, presents Conform to Rebel - his first mixed bill of work.

Featuring performances from Buckness Personified, emerging young dance talent and a collective of professional dance artists, Duwane will close the evening with his latest piece ‘Conform to Rebel, Rebel to Conform’.

Exploring themes of social isolation, resisting authority and cultural uprisings, Conform to Rebel, Rebel to Conform firmly places Krump, and under-represented voices, centre stage.

For ages 14 years +

You can’t get away from the fact that this is powerful theatre that left a lump in many of our throats at the end.” Bruce Marriott, Editor of Dance Tabs on Duwane Taylor’s “Speak”, 2018.'

Commissioned by Artists 4 Artists, funded by Arts Council England and supported by Redbridge Drama Centre. Produced by Emily Labhart.

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Fri 26 Oct