Scene Productions and Redbridge Drama Centre present

Metamorphosis - By Franz Kafka

Tuesday 10th - Thursday 19th October

A brand new adaptation by Scene Productions. Directed by Kelly Taylor-Smith

Scene Productions transform Redbridge Drama Centre into a thrilling, ghostly and chilling experience of sounds, sights and smells. From the mechanical office to the disarray of the family home and witnessing the harrowing experience and death of Gregor Samsa.

"What has happened to me?" One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking from anxious dreams, he discovered that in his bed he had transformed into a gigantic insect. Watch as the unremarkable life of this once quiet and diligent salesman, descends into antennnae twitching chaos. With a voice replaced by a rasp, a new body and countless waving legs; it is one thing for him to adapt to the new transformation; it is quite another for his family to cope with the new reality.

A mixture of mirth, mayhem, masks, puppetry, choreographed sequences, a simple set and extensive multi-role.

Scene Productions use a range of styles and influences from Brecht, Berkoff, Godber, Punchdrunk, Frantic Assembly, Stanislavski and Artaud to create a thrilling theatrical experience that will inspire students and provide a toolkit of innovative ideas and approaches to a piece of text.

For ages 13 years+

"Wow.... nothing like anything I've ever seen before!"

"AMAZING! An experience like no other and very inspiring"

"I felt overwhelmed by the whole experience, all the performances were exceptional and the staging was incredible"

"Outstanding!! One of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen, I'm entirely emotional and astounded!"

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