Funny Females Friday - Hurricane Katie & Bicycles and Fish

Funny Females Friday - Hurricane Katie & Bicycles and Fish



Katie Pritchard presents Hurricane Katie / Katie Arnstein presents Bicycles and Fish

Friday 21st July 7.30pm

Board up the windows, loot a supermarket and then hide in the basement, it's "Hurricane Katie" and this is comedy carnage!

Like the most memorable of UK gales, Katie Pritchard is blowing over the patio furniture of comedy, partially damaging the garden fence of genre and dropping a large, sturdy branch onto the car bonnet of musicality. For Katie specialises in all things Comedy Carnage, a term of her own (and in no way self-important) devising. To extend a metaphor already stretched to its limit, like all the best weather-based wind events, Comedy Carnage sweeps up a lot of stuff and hurls it together in one beautiful whirlwind of chaos. In this instance that chaos is jokes, music, poems, dancing, and facts, rather than an actual literal whirlwind of cows, patio umbrellas, bill-boards and roofing materials, which would be terrifying for her audience, but is co-incidentally the name of her next show.

"Sometimes surreal, often unusually perceptive, and always original and entertaining" -Female Arts Magazine

"Bags of charm...there is no denying she is a star of the future" (Notts Comedy Review)

Finalist Musical Comedy Awards 2017

Winner Hilarity Bites 2016


I read that a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. But I know I don't need a man. I just need the vile ones to stop being so vile."

A waitress in the small Midlands city of Lichfield starts to notice strange things happening to her and not in a cool, sci-fi way...

Bicycles and Fish is the debut play by Katie Arnstein in association with Redbridge Drama Centre based on her 20 minute short play A Girl's Guide to Feminism.  

For ages 14 years+

All tickets £15

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Fri 21 Jul