Steve Casey presents


Thursday 27th April 8pm

YIELD (def)

1.     Produce or provide a financial return or profit

2.     Give way under force or pressure, concede

Despite being proud of her roots, fifteen year old Zoe Carsell aspires to a better life away from her East London estate. Encouraged by her mother Donna and grandad Stan, Zoe is committed to making a success of her GCSEs and taking the first steps toward a bright future.

Behind the scenes however, all is not too rosy. Facing the threat of eviction, a difficult job market, benefit cuts and with the recent release on licence of Zoe’s father Malky, the Carsell family have tough choices to make as they navigate their way through a life-defining summer... can they make it out the other side? And if so, where will they end up and at what price?

This provocative new play explores the housing crisis and its web of interrelated issues, through the eyes of the Carsells and their struggles not to yield to the range of social and economic pressures mounted against them.

Please note this will be a script-in-hand rehearsed reading with professional actors.

For ages 14 years+ (Contains strong language)

Written by RDC’s Resident Playwright, Steve Casey, YIELD is supported by Arts Council England

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Thu 27 Apr