Shakespeare for Kids (Yr 7-Yr 11)

Come sit down every Mother's son and rehearse your parts...

Shakespeare for Kids: New at the Drama Centre

Yr 7 - Yr 11

Shakespeare for 11-16 year olds is a high energy, dynamic introduction to the world of Shakespeare.

Exploring poetry, bawdiness and sheer beauty of his language through mime mask and physical theatre, we will bring to life the famous and infamous character creations of the greatest writer.

At the end of each 8 weeks we will perform a piece of Shakespeare's work: This maybe monologues, sonnets or an abridged version of the bard's 37 (or was it 38?) plays.

This is a fabulous opportunity to work in a professional theatre with a highly experienced actor/director/teacher, doing what isn't done in school: Playing Shakespeare.

Book your child's place now: Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.

Every Tuesday from Tuesday 30th April

8 weeks

£100 for the course

For ages 11-16