Leonardo Project


Leonardo Da Vinci - Lifelong Learning Programme

CineTrust is a cooperation of 4 non-profit European institution working on the field of filmmaking and theatre: House on the field Cultural Association - Polifilm School from Budapest, Hungary, Luzanky Leisure Centre - Studio Lavka from Brno, Czech Republic, London Borough of Redbridge - Redbridge Drama Centre and the Format SFF Foundation. There are three main goals: First is to give the opportunity for our students to learn from an international teacher-team. Second is to give them the possibility of making films in an international team using English as working language. The third is about the teacher-team: international know-how changing, learning from best-practises. For professional development we will arrange 4 international workshops: One to take place in each of the countries. The themes of the workshops are: editing, directing (including: acting and drama, framing, dramaturgy, script writing), camera-use, sound-technique. In parallel with the workshops we will arrange conferences for the teachers' team about training methods and they will write a common article about their experience.

We specifically expect that the project initiate co-production possibilities for beginner filmmakers. For this purpose students from different countries will make films together during the project and later these films will take part at the film festivals of the partner countries.


Budapest (Hungary) 2012 December 10-14. Film-workshop in Hungary. The subject of the workshop is camera directing and camera use. One short-film is produced in cooperation with the participants.

Brno (Czech Republic) 2013 March 31 - April 4. Film-workshop in Brno. The subject of the workshop is sound-technic. One short-film is produced in cooperation with the participants.

Balchik (Bulgaria) 2013 July 1-5. Film-workshop in Balchik. The subject of the workshop is editing. One short-film is produced in cooperation with the participants